Amy M. Plemons
Amy M. Plemons
Automotive Writer and TV Producer


Amy M. Plemons


Hi there! Thanks for stopping by!

I'm an Emmy nominated television producer and digital media manager who loves to write, create engaging content and come up with plans B, C & D. I’m a “buck stops here” kind of person. I take ownership, initiative and value teamwork. Accuracy and integrity are with me every step of the way, and I’m a stickler for research and details. Oh, and I love learning new things and forging a new road that’s not exactly textbook. That’s when the magic happens!

I have extensive broadcasting experience in both original and news programming. I've worked on shows for Velocity, HGTV, The Travel Channel, The Weather Channel, and TechTV after first earning my journalism chops in the news business in a top ten market. Along the way, I've interviewed tech innovators, environmental pioneers, celebrities, special effects gurus, and other newsmakers.  

It all dates back to elementary school when I launched my class newspaper the 3rd Grade Star

Proud member of the MTV generation, my medium quickly turned to television and I earned a Broadcast News degree from the University of Oklahoma School of Journalism. I interned at NPR in Norman, Oklahoma and was hired as an AP at KFOR-TV (NBC) in Oklahoma City while a college student. From there, I became a news producer at NBC in Traverse City, Michigan and CBS 11 in Dallas. Down the road, I shifted from local news to cable shows and digital.

When not filming on location, I can be found checking out the food scene and looking for cool cars in Dallas, Texas.