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Amy PlemonsComment

How do we live in Dallas? Well, I'm so glad you asked because here's a quick snapshot into life in the Big D from yours truly.

In Dallas: We live in one of the hottest food spots in the country. And we love it. 

Old-school. New-school and everything in between - Dallas has some of the best food in the good ol' USA and we don't let ourselves forget it. (Just don't order the Ranch dressing at Cane Rosso.)

We like our food spicy. Our margaritas salty. Our burgers cooked medium. 

We love dining out on patios. We love our brunch even more. And rooftop cocktails are always a good idea (except during a spring thunderstorm or when it's 110 degrees in August.)

In Dallas: We live in our cars. And it's a love-hate relationship.

Oh, yes, if cars could talk, because we commute for hours in them. We cart our lives around in them (or at least I do). We cruise around with the top down on gorgeous Sunday afternoons in them. Our four-wheels are family.

One thing we could do without, though, besides the hail, are all those darned potholes. It's a wonder our cars make it home and into the driveway in one piece. We could also do without those growing-longer-every-day commutes due to tremendous growth couples with infrastructure problems and the ensuing construction projects happening everywhere designed to "fix' things.

In Dallas: We live to love our pets. Unconditionally.

We're big animal lovers here. 

Our lives wouldn't be the same without man's best friend in our lives or that purring coming from underneath the bed. I mean, come on, who else is going to love you unconditionally back?

We have an active rescue community, too, to help animals in need (of which there are always too many.) Hearts, why they are quite simply wide and open spaces.

In Dallas: We live in an increasingly healthier place. Most of the time.

Healthy eating isn't such a battle here anymore, with new restaurants offering West Coast-inspired fare, smaller portions and low calorie options. Although, it must be said chips, salsa and QUESO are always acceptable. This is Texas after all.

People actually get out and exercise, now, too. Yes, these days Dallasites can be found jogging on the Katy Trail, cycling, boxing or my preferred method of doing heel lifts at Dallas Bar Method.

Of course, being healthy all of the time is a bit of a battle. Especially if you visit the Texas State Fair or get near a soda fountain. If there is one thing that's the hardest for Dallasites to do, it's give up their sodas. (I did 12 years ago when I moved to San Francisco and it's the healthiest decision you can make.) One thing I will never give up however is that glass of vino on the patio.

On the up side in terms of quenching our thirst, juicing is now officially a thing in Dallas. Juice bars are no longer just a West Coast thing. They are sprouting up far and wide like weeds. 

Speaking of which…

In Dallas: We live with the frustration of allergies. Every. Single. Day.

Allergies are pretty much the bane of our existence here. I actually use it as a full-disclosure deterrent when people ask me if they should move here.  

We carry our boxes of kleenex and over-the-counter antihistamine with us at all times, but not as badges of honor. They are for our runny noses and our constant sneezing. Oh yes, allergy suffering is very real friends (as yours truly knows.) 

Still we brave the springtime, anyway, to check out the gorgeous bluebonnets that dot the landscape or visit the blooms at the Dallas Arboretum.

In Dallas: We live in A MORE culturally diverse PLACE every day. A good thing.

Word is definitely out about our tasty restaurant offerings, lower cost of living and the fact we have no state income tax. For many, Dallas is one of the last remaining bastions of opportunity. 

This all means more people from more corners of the world are arriving in Dallas every day. They are discovering what a great city we have in more ways than one. Big companies like Toyota are tuned in, too.  

Yes, we've become a bigger melting pot, but without the rub. 

Dallas hasn't lost its identity. It hasn't lost its friendly, welcoming Texas charm. We live in neighborhoods where people still talk to each other. Parents still join in each other on the lawn for Saturday afternoon cocktails while their children play. Restaurants still welcome regular customers like a scene straight out of Cheers.  


Family, marriage and kids encompass the single biggest part of life in Dallas.

Tying the knot before you are considered a spinster over 30 is pretty important for a gal. Still. Then it's about having and raising kids. Sending them to the right school. Scheduling their days, weeks and months with sports events, music recitals and birthday parties. While not a parent or married myself, I see this daily from my friends who do have families of their own.  It's a life spent juggling balls, er, schedules of often multiple children. Unless you have a nanny to do all that for you. If not, you are most definitely supermom.

If you’re not taking care of your own kids, you just may be helping out your baby boomer parents. And they are likely helping you, too. Because that’s what we do.

In Dallas, we are all in when it comes to family.

In Dallas: If you do happen to be 40-something and single, we live trying to figure out if that aforementioned parental mayhem is something we ever want for ourselves...

...or as our friends sometimes put it, we wonder “is it better to just stay single.”  

But of course, I only jest.  Everyone, everywhere under the sun is living to be un-single. The issue in Dallas is that if you're a never-been-married 40-something like myself, the dating pool is pretty limited. Throw in a reel and you're most often not going to like what's still in there.  The tricky part about that is when you you do find one you like, oh snap!, they have to like you back. 

But good news if you're into online dating, (which I can't quite get into myself.)  Dating apps have finally arrived in D-Town in full force.  No longer are they regulated to places like New York and San Francisco (which, by the way, I lived for 10 years and its dating scene has its own challenges.)

Bottom line, being single is okay. Everyone's road to romance is unique and their own.

In Dallas, we live like entrepreneurs now. that means working at all hours.

Folks, Dallas isn't just built on people working for the man out of office complexes anymore. A lot of people are working from home or at coffee shops as entrepreneurs working 24/7 to call themselves self-employed and do something they love.

More and more technology start-ups (yes, Austin, look out) are based here. And I don't have enough fingers to count how many fashion bloggers call Dallas home.

Yes, Dallas is a place full of talented, innovative, creative people ready to go all in.